German - Turkmen cooperation in the economic field

Germany is next to the Russian Federation, Iran, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, both bilaterally and as part of the increasingly engaging in Turkmenistan to the EU preferred partners of Turkmenistan. Germany already has long been an embassy in Ashgabat. German culture and German products enjoy a high reputation in Turkmenistan.

The political and economic relations between Germany and Turkmenistan are friendly, but weiterausbaufähig. Starting from a still low level of bilateral trade reached with Turkmenistan in 2008 a turnover of 230 million euros. In the first quarter of 2009 was increased according to the Eastern Committee of German Business Turkmenistan is the only CIS country whose trade with Germany. Engine was there to import from Turkmenistan, German exports to Turkmenistan on the other hand showed a downward trend over the previous year.

Basis for cooperation with Turkmenistan is the under the German EU Presidency EU Central Asia strategy designed. This is aimed at the countries of Central Asia closer to Europe, to create a robust security architecture in the region to develop the cooperation in the energy sector, to provide security for producers and consumers and to promote trade and investment. The new, all-embracing and all of Central Asia to cut the EU's strategy in Turkmenistan has found a positive response and is greeted as a welcome help on the path to greater security and cooperation, transition to market economy, development of law and democratization of state and society.

Turkmen expectations

During his official visit to Germany in November 2008, Prime Berdymuhammedov the good experience of cooperation with Germany and German companies and urged to deepen and expand the existing cooperation. German products, high technology and management, but also experience in building a democratic state would be highly valued in Turkmenistan and be welcome. Particular interest is that of cooperation in the energy sector and in transportation and traffic, environmental and landscape protection, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, urban development, renewable energy, medical, education and science and research.
The German economy in Turkmenistan

The German economy is represented in Turkmenistan has been a long time. End of 2009 were registered more than a hundred projects with German investment. There are now over 50 companies, including Siemens, RWE, German Bank, Commerzbank, Daimler, Technip, Mannesmann, MAN Ferrostal, Rohde and Schwarz, Zeppelin, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Winter Hall, UNIONMATEX industrial plants, Bentec PWT Water and Sewage Systems, Wirtgen International in Turkmenistan active. Since the end of 2008 supports the German consulting company and partner Goetz Turkmenistan in the development of power generation, construction materials, textile and tourism industries and in education.

Legal framework for cooperation

A bilateral investment protection and promotion agreement existing since 2001. The still-born from the Soviet period, double taxation agreement is still valid. The unsatisfactory in the European Parliament for the human rights situation in Turkmenistan for a long time controversial interim Partnership and Kooperationskommen with the EU was approved in May 2009 by the European Parliament and gives further impetus to closer relations.

German companies in Turkmenistan

RWE DEA and Turkmenistan in 2009 were an energy partnership. RWE was awarded the license for exploration and development of Block 23 in the Caspian Sea. This long-term cooperation agreement represents an important step towards the realization of Turkmen natural gas deliveries to Germany and Europe, EU and German politicians seek to Turkmenistan in the EU-sponsored Nabucco integrating project, a gas pipeline through the Caspian Sea and Turkey to Europe, which will help to improve the energy security of Germany and Europe.

Siemens and the Turkmen government agreed a strategic partnership in the sectors of medical technology, industry and energy. Rohde and Schwarz was awarded the contract to equip the new President of the seat with the latest electronics. Commerzbank and the German Bank to support the country in reforming the financial and banking system. The list goes on and on.

German - Turkmenistan Business Forum

In May 2009, a Turkmen-German economic forum was held with the participation of the German economy held in Ashgabat. The growing corporate interest in Turkmenistan in Germany gave the decisive impulse to the creation of a "German-Turkmen Government Economic and Trade Working Group. This working group is to strengthen bilateral economic relations and concrete business projects, which require government support to advance. Closer cooperation was also agreed for the areas of customs and tax legislation, education and training, energy, healthcare, construction materials industry, textile industry, infrastructure, transportation and IT. Of particular importance from a German perspective, the cooperation in the energy sector but has the fourth largest gas reserves in Turkmenistan in the world. Another important potential exists in the infrastructure sector, an area in which Germany contribute to the necessary, comprehensive modernization of the public and private infrastructure.
German - Turkmen Forum e.V.

In the fall of 2008 established dedicated public figures and the economy, the German - Turkmen Forum eV The German - Turkmen Forum is a platform for the manufacture of personal contacts and meetings between Germans and Turkmens and wants cooperation on Security Policy area and the cultural and deepen the scientific field. Priorities are the expansion of economic relations, cooperation in science and higher education, tourism and cultural dialogue. The Forum includes, politicians, parliamentarians, academics and business representatives. President of the German - Turkmen Forum is the former Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr Klaus - Jurgen Hedrich, the Commissioner for Culture Mr Cambis Gesseljay.

The Turkmen interest in German and German high-technology management, high-quality German industrial products for the energy, agriculture and cotton processing, communications and environmental technology, IT and alternative energies will offer new opportunities for German companies.

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